Supri Story

This afternoon I went to my brother (in law)’s office at Indovision. Right after class, immediately I went down stair and push Supri hard, blazing in the middle of traffic menace, map in pocket. Reached RedPal and Belong Swamp, I proceed to SIipi with Daan Mogot in mind. Somehow I hit the wrong turn, and get lost somewhere in Durian Cape. Fortunately, I recognized it as somewhere near Citraland Mall. I was not that lost after all.

After seeing my brother, I went back to Grogol in the direction of Monday Market. Only ten meters or so, Supri refused to go. Goodness, it run out of gas. I was not very upset, because I knew I’ve seen gas station somewhere near.

I reckon it was more less a kilometers until I found a gas station. Huff… the odometer showed 12518.8km. Forgive me Supri, I sould not let your gas exhausted in the first place.

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