Optus Aussie? naach

I bought an optus prepaid card from local gas station somewhere near rathdowne street. Packed and sealed. Control Number 107857850. I thought it would be my first mobile phone number in this lovely Melbourne.
Took the activation online, and bummer. It is invalid SIM number. Huh?
Call the number 1300555002, and the guy said that I could not activate it because someone has activated it since August 2008. Huh?
He told me either I bring it back to the store (which offcourse I couldn’t remember. It’s my first day in Melb, mate!! ) or bring it to Optus Store. Which is I did.
Going to Melb CBD, and found a premium dealer. Asked some officer there, he said he couldn’t help because they are independent. He pointed me to Optus World Store, the nearest down the road at 253 Elizabeth St, Melbourne. Gladly walk there. Met a lady there. Told about my problem. She just ask me to return it to the store, added that it would be unfair if everyone buying from small store then complaining to the big store. She said next time buy from big store like this. WHAT?

Grumbling, I left the store and found an Post Store. Bought Telstra prepaid there. Gone home, activated it. Voila, no problemo…

So next time Optus Aussie, please do remember that small store or even a kiosk help you sell your product. Treat them as partner !!

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