A tale of a cat

after spent 2 hrs (!) walking, I take a stop at some bus stop near shopping centre. stretching my leg, nearby an old lady with little trolley start a nice conversation about her cat. She said that she went to coles only to buy some cat food, because the cat kept yeowning at her and that’s irritating. oh by the way, she don’t like pet animal, but forced to kept the cat because it was her mother’s who just passed away recently. and the cat has been with her mother for the last 8 years.
i told her, perhaps that cat is her master now, and she laughed. i also propose that she gives the cat meat no more, because i thought that she spoiled her cat too much.
anyway, that was refreshing talk, considering the fact that i’ve been walking for 2 hrs or more with no luck of finding the address i’ve searching for.

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