long distance relationship

gotcha !! not that kind of relationship, guys. it’s not about two lovers set apart by distances.

it is about my daughter and me. a couple days ago, i miss her a lot. and hey, found out that it was the same day that she was not in good mood. my luv told me that dek via got awaken easily, and crying often.
but yesterday she’s calm. such a joy to hear that.

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4 Responses to long distance relationship

  1. dudid says:

    Udah punya anak?

  2. dek fia says:

    not only her, her mom got awaken often, too, -but not crying often-
    (ya iya lah, secara anaknya nangis gitu loh :p )

    iya tuh, beberapa hari kemarin pipi montoknya sempet kempes, terlihat agak tirus. tapi sekarang dek via sudah enak tidur, sering tertawa & kembali montok seperti semula šŸ˜€

  3. susiloharjo says:

    Aku ngga ngerti klo mas liliks wis pergi meninggalkan indonesia šŸ˜€ wah kalau pulang nunggu oleh2nya šŸ˜€

  4. masliliks says:

    wah dirimu kmaren lagi di dark age of internet ya hahaha

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