Barusan denger rekaman kokpit pesawat yang mendarat darurat di kali Hudson, bulan lalu.

The last words from Flight 1549 as it left the ground at New York’s LaGuardia Airport at almost 3:26 p.m. EST Jan. 15 were, “Good day.” One minute and 48 seconds later, the crew reported, “Hit birds, we lost thrust in both engines, we’re turning back to LaGuardia.”
A controller at the radar facility in Westbury, N.Y., handling the plane once it left LaGuardia told the airport tower: “Stop your departures, we got an emergency returning.” After identifying the flight, the controller said, “He lost all engines, he lost the thrust in the engines, he is returning immediately.”
The flight had been in the air for two minutes and six seconds.
Then 17 seconds later, Flight 1549 reported back to TRACON (the Terminal Radar Approach Control facility): “We’re unable. We may end up in the Hudson.”

A US Airways jet splash-landed in New York’s Hudson River on Jan. 15 after a collision with a flock of birds knocked out both engines. All 155 aboard survived.

Ha, berapa si harga pembaca VCR/voice cockpit recorder itu?sebab di Indonesia jika ada kejadian/kecelakaan pesawat, dibilang musti dibawa ke Amrik dulu buat dibaca. Trus abis itu lupa deh orang2 ama kejadian dimaksud hehehe.

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