A little note on OpenBSD 4.6

well, what can I say about this marvelous OS? the text installer is simpler than before. nothing that i know has changed much. using bootpart to enable dualboot with XP is no brainer,provided you are comfy with command line. and pentium 3 700mhz with only 256mb of memory is as useful as the latest macbook pro… eerghhh, at least for browsing the net. and hey, all updates and downloads of openbsd packages wouldn’t be counted toward my internet usage,courtesy of internode .

While adding and deleting software are usually easy,configurations can be problematic. For example, installing wordpress should be as simple as :

sudo pkg_add -vi wordpress

but in reality, i need to install and configure mysql manually. after two failures, then i realised that building yet another blog in my home pc is not something that i would really wanted. with only 256mb of memory, this openbsd box would be perfect for backing up things such as my blog’s xml and firefox’s profile.

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