network card(s) setting with openbsd,headless

today i want to connect my little pc to my home network. i have installed openbsd to a 2gb compact flash (cf) and put it on a compact flash to ide 2.5 adapter. i have no monitor for the pc, but i do have another laptop with openbsd installed.

first i mounted the compactflash card in the openbsd laptop. i need to check my hardware first. from the documentation, mine is a RealTek 8139-based (rl), so i put dhcp inside this file:


i also have a usb wireless adapter, dlink dwl-g122, and it goes like this


a nice line inside hostname.rum0 looks like this

dhcp NONE NONE NONE nwkey mykey

put the cf back to the minidesktop, then i got network connection. i use netscan to find my little computer. alas, the wireless connection is unstable. low power,perhaps?

# Advantech Wafer 5820-233, 128mb ram
# 2GB Sandisk Extreme II CF card
# any cheap PCMCIA to CF adapter
# CF to 2.5" ide adapter (also cheap :D )
# Dlink dwl-g122
# netscan

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