on microblogging

of an excessive list of microblogging services, i only use plurk and twitter. the main reason is cross-posting capability between the two (and later, to facebook and wordpress as well). the second reason is that i can post to twitter and plurk from my (hold your breath…) treo 650. and i have just found out that this blog,just as twitter and plurk, looks good on blazer :D.

while looks and integrations are essential, speed (of posting) is one area where microblog platform beat conventional blog platform such as wordpress or blogspot. however, there is no reason for me to dump wordpress totally. limit on words is one thing, but more importantly there should be a clear line between rambling and writing. it is the ends that justify the means, but the contrary is also true. writing more than 400 characters in blazer, for example,is not so comfortable. so firing up short burst about something to twitter is sensible. but then, not all things could be condensed into less than 140 characters nor they could be assembled on a tiny screen i.e less than 3.5″ of screen. therefore, i might have to resort to write on a desktop or laptop.

3 thoughts on “on microblogging”

  1. kawula ngraosaken babakan ingkang sami ing salebeting ati, ugi gadhah penemu bilih mikrobloging punika kathah filsafatipun: setunggal, 140 karakter alias ngendikan sakperlunipun, benten kaliyan fesbuk ingkang kathah kuis, poto, tag, event lan sakpanunggalanipun, menika setunggaling tuladha.

    Ing kutbah kaping kalih niki, kulo mboten kapok2 anggenipun ngelingke sedoyo rawuh, supados mboten ninggalaken blogging. Sampun cetha ketingal, blogger Nuswantoro saged dados pandheganipun Tindakan Sosial Revolusioner ingkang mboten saged dipun anggep remeh kados Koin Free Prita Kalih ewu songo…


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