how to synchronize treo 650 with google contacts

without connecting treo 650 to the internet, and or installing any desktop softwares for managing the phone?

short answer: nope, you can’t.period.

but you could, however, export all or some of your google contacts list (or, in my case, the list my OS X’s address book that mirrored my google contacts) to .vcf format (that’s dot vee see ef). then, by one way or another, send it to your venerable treo.

but i couldn’t just use bluetooth file transfer on OS X 10.7 . bummer ! call it a day? nope !

an ibm thinkpad x60s in a shining armour armour comes to the rescue. i put the .vcf file on an sdcard (because the OS X is within a mac mini, and for some unknown reason it does have a card reader on it*), save it onto a sdcard, then put the sdcard into my thinkpad. then, i sent the .vcf file to the phone by using  infra red port (yes, you read it correctly – i’m using infrared port in the 21st century). did i say infra red port?


left to right :  infra red , firewire, usb. image is mine, mine, mine.

notes: the infrared port itself does not emit light. that gloomy reddishwhite you saw is the flash blitz from my phone. but not treo’s camera. see below.


image courtesy of amazon. self explanatory. see, my treo 650 doesn’t have flash on its camera.

so, my beloved readers. there you go. it helps to know that sometimes you did deserve to brag about something that nearly any mainstream gadgets lacked, or perhaps forget to include (yes. i’m talking to you my iOS and webOS powered phones).

yup, i still have infra red kameraaad, i did use infrareeeedd… mwahahahahaha

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