backup and recover your windows partition using gnu-linux

remember the venerable x60s from this post? i need to replace the harddrive, but doesn’t really enjoy re-installing my laptop. i have tried cloning / backup-restore software such as acronis true image, norton ghost, parted magic, and clonezilla. they have their own strength and limitations,i do recommend to do your homework and stick to the one you really . for me, it is time to try something new.

here comes redo backup. it is a post from 2010 so i don’t really expect that this particular niche linux distribution still exist today. but hey, it really is there, and only 200mb download anyway so i decided i will give it a try. in short, i really like it. it is larger than partedmagic, but more minimalist approach on it’s desktop. you won’t get nice wallpaper and conky, but it’s backup and recovery procredure really spot on.

and redo backup can write your NTFS partition, yay 😀

this is what redo backup looks likeImage

and this is what parted magic will gave you


so basically on redo backup, just select those nice bright orange shield shaped icon then read on the instruction. i put my new drive inside the x60, and the old drive on a usb to sata adapter. watchout for partition and harddrive naming.

if you happy and you know it clever/dilligent/lucky, you will divide your usb drive into two partition, put the backup files on the second partition of the usb drive, then restore it to the internal drive . or you can divide the internal drive, put the backup files on the second partition of the internal drive, then restore it to the first partition of the internal drive. it will be faster i suppose.

but they are more capable than just doing backup and recovery/restore. i can recommend both for daily internet related activities as well, as both accomodates wired and wireless internet connection and they comes with internet browser. but if your laptop won’t boot from these CD, then it is your fault. your choosen laptop/netbook is not worth it. dump it before you regret it.

disclaimer: my test rig for trying redo backup and partedmagic are ibm thinkpad x60s and macbook core2duo MB466LL/A. i will not take responsibility and or any liability for your inability to use these linux distribution properly, which may result in but not exclusively disastrous data lost and or your hardware stopped work permanently. you have been forewarned.

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