deinstall debian on TS-209

qnap ts209
This, is a QNAP TS-209. It was a debian box, but I want to deinstall Debian and put the original firmware.
Just follow the guides from here. A little note: I to put all three files (mtd1,mtd2,mtd3) back to /dev/mtdblock(1-3). The guide says we only need to put mtd1 and mtd2. Without mtd3, my Qfinder cannot find the TS-209.

Restoring the original QNAP firmware

If you want to restore the original QNAP firmware for some reason, you can follow the instructions below. Please note that this will only work if your Debian system is still working. If your Debian system is broken but the machine itself works, you can use the recovery mode to restore the QNAP firmware.

There are two steps to restore the original QNAP firmware. First, you have to put the backup of the flash partitions from the QNAP firmware you made before the installation of Debian into flash.

cat mtd1 > /dev/mtdblock1
cat mtd2 > /dev/mtdblock2

Second, you have to restart your QNAP, and then run QNAP Finder to install the QNAP software again. The second step is needed because the QNAP software is stored both in flash and on the hard drive and Debian removed the QNAP software when it formatted the disk.

After you put the QNAP firmware back in flash and installed the complete the QNAP software with QNAP Finder, your device will run the original software from QNAP again.


You will probaly need FTDI TTL-232R-3V3  and follow the guide here. By the way, the RX and TX pins on my FTDI are switched, I’m not sure how 😀

Use Hyperterminal (on Windows) or Terminal (OS X).If you use Terminal, just type:

screen /dev/tty.PL2303-000013FA 115200 8n1

Lest we forget, we will need QNAP Finder as well as TS-209 firmware from QNAP’s website or from the original CD that comes with the box.


  1. TS-209 mainboard + 12V 5A power adaptor
  2. 2.5″ SATA Harddrive
  3. another computer
  4. a DHCP server; TS-209 should be connected to a DHCP server via ethernet cable
  5. backup of flash partitions
  6. QNAP Finder and TS-209 firmware (downloaded or from the original CD)
  7. optional #1:  FTDI TTL-232R-3V3 usb to serial adapter and the driver from
  8. optional #2: a glass of coffee/mineral water/juice/etc.

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