On blog and twitter

See this ?


The picture shows the new post form on wordpress. Seems familiar? perhaps, if you are one of  the benevolent inhabitant  of  Jack Dorsey’s universe. Twitter. Long gone the full page post form. What the heck happened to the good ‘ol days of blogging?

My rambling back in the 2010 tried to define twitter as micro blog and wordpress as macro (?) blog, attempted to demarcate writing and rambling at the same time stroke. Have I judged wrongly? I dunno. I found out that Twitter and other microblog/social media/whatever has become the de facto information filter for me. And then I spend less and less on writing or rambling because the filters actually adds more and more spectrum of news and informations beyond my needs. Blame on them also that the attention span of most of us shrink perpetually  as the immediacies of the world news in within our reach, in such that I could no longer keep my eyes off of those unread RSS -emails – tweets – etc.

Here it is, the first blog on 2013 about blogging itself. there you go !

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